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EMPYREAN is a luxury lifestyle concierge offering villa and yacht rentals, as well as bespoke experiences to excite all five of your senses. We guide our guests through the best sights, sounds, flavours, textures and aromas – helping them engage in an immersive sensory experience.

Founded on the belief that conscious living starts with sensible and mindful choices in life. At EMPYREAN, we are determined to redefine luxury getaways by placing emphasis beyond material things by finding appreciation and enjoyment in the best that the natural world and our communities have to offer.
Core values
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Mindful & Sustainable

We prioritize mindfulness and sustainability, redefining luxury by considering the environment and communities, creating experiences that promote both planetary and community well-being.

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Attentive & Consistent

We’re here to exceed every guest’s expectation with our attentive service from beginning to end, and every moment in between.

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Honesty & Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards. We insist on transparency and instil a sense of purpose and pride in the experienceswe offer our guests.

Words from founder

“Conscious luxury is at the heart of EMPYREAN, we invite our guests to join us in mindful living by helping them to gain clarity to every aspect of their lives from grand experiences to unexpected encounters to quality food, impeccable zen nature and inspiring surroundings. With our beautiful villa rentals and supercharged yacht add-ons, our experiences are fully immersive and at the same time allow our guests to take responsibility for one’s actions and collective impact on the planet.”

Our news & insights

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